How To Add All Friends To Facebook Group By One Single Click

Facebook is a largest social media network .We can use facebook for chatting, sharing photos with family and friends etc…,.In now-a-days facebook also useful for expansion of business through marketing their product or service.It is easy process for expanding their business.In facebook we can create groups and pages.

Now iam going to explain about facebook groups.Facebook groups are the best place for any discussion with the unique friends and other members in group.That group is maintained by the admin of the group and no one from outside can interface in group without the permission of the admin of the group.Generally groups are three types,

1]secret group,

2]closed group,

3]public group.

Adding Members To Group
The main problem in maintaining group is we have to add all members manually one by one.Sometimes we have an account with 4000 or more it is not an easy to add all members to group one by one,which is time consuming process.Here is the simple trick which will help you to add all friends to a group by one single click.

How To Add All Friends To Group By Single Click:
Here we have a simple steps for you on how to add all friends to a group in one single click.simply follow these steps

steps to add members to group in one single click using script or code:

1]Login into facebook account whose friends want to invite,

2]Now open your own group in which you want to add members,

3]Now click F12 button and then select console box,

4]Copy script from below

copy script

5]Pate the whole code into console box,

6]press enter and all members will be added to group.

steps to add members to group using chrome extension:

We can also add all members to facebook group by installing chrome extension

1]Download below given extension on chrome

Add to chrome

2]After adding extension to chrome login into facebook account whose friends want to add to group,

3]simply click on visible icon on top right corner of browser

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