How To Invite All Friends To Like FaceBook Page In Single Click

Facebook is the most popular social media networking.In facebook we can create pages,groups,profile and other events.As previously discussed about  facebook account , groups .Now we are going to discuss about how to invite all friends to like facebook page in one single click.


Facebook Page is useful for business,different events and for some special purposes.Fcebook page makes easy to spread any news fastly.But it is not easy task to grow if we send invitation to one by one in group ,page  or event.So here is the easy steps to  send invitation to all  friends in one single click.This  will help to grow facebook likes and also it can save your time.


For invite all friends to like fb page we need to install a chrome extension or by using script we can invite all friends to like fb page.By using this method we can invite all friends to facebook page and events.We cannot use this method for inviting friends to groups.For groups there is a seperate method how to add all members to facebook group.

1ST METHOD:Invite all friends by using chrome extension:

1]Install chrome extension

2]After installing this chrome extension

3]Login to facebook account whose friends want to be invite to like your facebook page then a small icon will start appearing on the right top side of the browser

3]Now open your facebook page which you manage and click on invite all friend button

4]then a window with all names of friends will appear

5]Now click on the icon which you installed

6]The process will start automatically and starts sending invitation all friends.

2nd METHOD:Invite all friends by using script:

1]First of all login to facebook account and open your facebook page,

2]then click on invite all friends button and a popup window will appear

3]copy the code from below

4]now press f12 button  on keyboard

5]now paste the code in the console box

6]after paste the code now click on enter the process will start automatically



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