How To Stop Or Block Game Requests On Facebook

We all know that facebook is a biggest social media network.In these days it become regular use for chating,sharing status,sharing photos with family or friends and also we can play games in facebook.Moreover in now a days faceboook is becoming popular in marketing platform.where advertisers and different companies use facebook for promoting  their product or their that it become easy to grow any business with the help of facebook to make their brand name or product name popular.Gaming companies have introduced the different games for different platforms like android,windows and ios.They also introduce their games on facebook also.So that it become easy for everyone to play games on facebook.

The most common irritating thing on facebook that face every facebook user is game request and other requests that send by the friends or automatically by the different apps repeatedly.Some companies give extra points for sending invitation to others.Like this they increase their market value.For those who interest in playing games is nothing matter.For those who don’t have interest they get come out all of these notifications follow these steps.


There are different methods for blocking the game requests or to stop the notifications from various apps.we will describe the following methods which is easy to follow.

1 ST METHOD :Block Game Requests On Facebook Settings.

1]Login to your facebook account.

[2]click on the top right side settings icon ,

[3]click on the settings options,

[4]after clicking the settings icon,click on the blocking option it is on the left side of settings page

  Block App Invites:

If you want to block game requests on facebook from particular person then it is useful to block particular person.One you block particular friend you will not get the notifications or game requests from that particular person.


Block App:

If you want to block notifications from different apps then it is useful.In case of multiple friends or apps sending requests to you then this option is useful to block multiple users.

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