Top 5 Best Face Book Security Tips For The Users To Protect Their Face BookAccount

Facebook is a popular and free social networking website which has billions of regular users.Facebook allows registered users to create their profile by giving all personal information eg;name,proffesion,place etc.,,users can upload photos and videos,it also help to keep in touch with friends,family and colleagues by sending messages.Security and Privacy is the first important thing in all social networking websites because we don’t want to share all personal information with all persons.We have some personal information and photos which we only want to share family and friends and not with unknown for the security reasons facebook introduced new features in their site for the users.You are also the protector of your own personal information in facebook account.You need to follow the rules for protecting your account


1.Use a strong password:-You Need To Create a Strong Password which is not use for any other account.For different account create different passwords.while creating password use allphabets(abc),numbers(123) and symbols(@!#$) etc.,

2.Activate All Security Settings:- You need to do some security settings in facebook account.Go to facebook settings>Then security settings.Now add EMAIL and PHONE NUMBER and verified them.

  1. Privacy Settings:- If you don’t want others to see your personal information you can manage settings here.In privacy settings you can manage”you can see my stuff”. Don’t let unknown persons to see your stuff make it  only friends can see your posts. You can also manage”who can look you up”.If you allow anyone can look you up then unknown persons also search you on facebook. Make it  only friends can look you up, so you can keep far yourself from other unkown persons who you don’t know.
  2. About Section Settings:-You can se all you personal information in about section only.In about you need to give  your phone number,where you live or place, where your family lives, your date of birth, your work place and everything you need to give keep your personal information more secure from unknown persons and keep them only Friends or Only Me

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